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2023 Wrapping Christmas Presents ASMR (silent, no talking)


Couldn’t let 2023 end without uploading my annual Christmas Gift Wrapping video.

Lots of all the usual present wrapping sounds in this video – scissors, cutting paper, folding paper, sticky tape, crinkling, writing with pen.

No need for comments on my messy or rushed wrapping. That’s just how I do it and that is fine. This video is meant to come across as unintentional and unforced ASMR so I deliberately do not slow down. It’s just like you are watching me the way I would actually wrap presents in the real world 😁

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to making more videos in 2024.

Thank you for relaxing with me.

With Purrs,
ASMRKitty x

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