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2019 Gift Wrapping Christmas Presents | ASMR | Close-up, Silent, No talking


All the usual triggers of wonderful present wrapping sounds in this video – scissors, cutting paper, folding paper, sticky tape, sharpie writing, ribbon tying, boxes, baskets, rummaging and crinkling.

This is how I wrap real-time – I don’t slow it down or try to make it too deliberately ASMR. You are watching me wrap as if I had no camera filming me.

Hehe also…. since I always get comments about my wrapping style…. yes, I’m far from being a perfect gift wrapper – and I make no apologies! My friends and family don’t care 🙂

Hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas!!

Thank you for relaxing with me.

With Purrs,
ASMRKitty x

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