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ASMR 10 Belgian Snacks (Presenting, Tasting & Rating) • Soft-Spoken


Have you ever heard of Mattentaarten? Or of Croky Hula Hoops? And what about Peperkoek? No? Let’s fix that ’cause these are Belgian snacks worthwhile knowing.
In this video you’ll meet 10 Belgian food items, some savoury, others sweet and yes, beer is a food too. Even the monks brewing Westmalle beer know that. 🙃

I’ll try to do these snacks justice by explaining what they exactly are, how they taste and when we have them.

This video was filmed sometime in November 2022 but only now did I get around to recording a voice-over. Sorry for the delay! ⌛⏲

A heads-up: there are some mouth sounds in this video. Sorry for those who dislike listening to chewing. I do too and I made sure to keep it to a minimum. However, it’s probably wise not to click play on this one.
I don’t want to upset your ears or trigger your gag reflex.

As I speak quite softly in this video, consider using headphones or earbuds to hear what I’m saying. 🎧

00:00 – 00:05 Intro
00:05 – 01:08 Basket Overview
01:09 – 03:31 Pistolets
03:32 – 06:12 Shrimp Croquettes
06:13 – 11:24 Speculoos/Biscoff
11:15 – 13:46 Mattentaart
13:47-16:27 Luikse Wafels/Liege Waffles
16:28 -19:08 Galler Chocolate
19:09 – 22:13 Godiva Chocolate
22:14 – 24:48 Croky Crisps
24:49 – 27:48 Vondelmolen Peperkoek
27:49 – 32:15 Belgian Strong Beers (Duvel, West-Malle)
32:15 – 32:28 Outro
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