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ASMR Tissue Paper (1 Hour) • Folding, Smoothing & Organizing • No Talking


Creating an ASMR tissue paper video is almost effortless, mainly because tissue paper consistently sounds heavenly, whatever state it’s in. Crumpled, smoothed down or folded. It’s perfect the way it is. Making the back of your head tingle is its superpower. 💪
In this video, I couple tissue paper with slow hand movements to bring out all the crinkle sounds hiding in there.
I’m folding the tissue paper sheets again in a uniform way, so that they’ll be more neatly organized and easy to find in the cardboard box.

Now, I know you want to get right into things, so I’ll shut up now. Go on and hit Play. 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy.

Thank you for being here. Take good care of yourself. – ❤ Kat
Find last year’s “ASMR Tissue Paper” video here:
💤 ASMR Tissue Paper • Organizing and Folding • No Talking

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