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ASMR Close Up Whisper Stipple, Sk, Tak, Relax, Tingles, Shoo, Check Up & Mouth Sounds (ENG, Whisper)



This video is devoted to trigger words. These words are the most requested on my channel or words which I wanted to whisper because of some reasons. In this video you can find words ”relax”, ”tingles”, ”stipple”, sounds “shoo”, “sk” and Russian word “tak”. Also when I pronounce some words you can here some mouth sounds.

00:34 – 02:43 – “Sksksk” sound
02:58 – 06:00 – “Shoo” sound and Hand movements
06:13 – 09:04 – “Tingles” word
09:16 – 13:10 – “Stipple” word
13:29 – 16:07 – ”Relax” word
16:18 – 20:13 – “Check up” word
20:45 – 24:10 – “Tak” Russian word


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