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ASMR Ear Cleaning Role Play: Binaural Audio That Lets You Feel Me In Your Ears!


Hiya! In this ASMR video, I tried to create the sensation of me touching and being inside your ears. It features: whispering, soft speaking, ear tapping, ear massage, ear cupping, latex glove sounds, and a whole lot of sounds I created in ridiculous ways to try and make it sound like I am removing wax from your ears (I will show you them in a video soon). My soft speaking audio starts muffled (but the sound effects aren’t) to try to create an immersive ear clogged experience. I don’t know if you will enjoy it, but I thought it was worth a shot. Happy Viewing!
P.S. I am not a real doctor, none of what I say should be taken seriously, and all medical concerns should be discussed/consulted with an actual medical professional. Don’t put stuff in your ears, ok? 😛

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Items used and featured in this video:
LED Pocket Otoscope Set:
Ear Model:
Wax Removal Cleaner Kit:
ZH4N Audio Recorded (No-Longer Available) link is to new model –
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Microphone I used in this video: Free Space Pro II – Binaural Microphone
Free Space Pro II Binaural Microphone

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