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ASMR Eye Examination Role Play & Close Up Ophthalmologist RP (ENG, Soft Spoken)



Welcome to our clinic! I will be your ophthalmologist today! How can I help you? Are you here for general eyes check up?

In this role play I’m going to find information about you in my computer, fill your card and ask you some questions about your eyes. I’ll do a full exam of your eyes by touching skin around them with gloves on my arms and with a mask. A will be using flashlight and different charts for color test, letters identify and others. At the end of examination I’ll try to find lenses for you if you have problems with your vision!


Sorry for terrible background noise from the lamp, I can’t find a way how to delete it’s all 🙁

It’s just a role play for relaxation and treatment of insomnia. Do not attempt to self-medicate and refer to the specialist if you are worried about your health. I do not have to do with medicine and strongly recommend not to take the words of video as a personal and definitive diagnosis. Take care of your health!


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I am very grateful to everyone who appreciates my work, leaves suggestions, requests and helpful comments about shortcomings of video and how to fix them. Each new subscriber makes me happy, because I understand that I’m able to bring people peace and save from insomnia. This is very important for me. And I’m happy that I can help someone.

Thank you for watching this video!

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