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ASMR Nurse Role Play & Health Condition Examination (ENG, Soft Spoken & Whisper A Little)



Good morning! How are you feeling? I am your nurse for today, my name is Ira. Very nice to meet you. I was told that you are plagued by terrible headaches. I’ll try to help you investigate the cause of ailments!

I’m going to make a general check of your health: measure your blood pressure (re-measure after the first unsuccessful attempt), put a thermometer (and forget to check the temperature after 10 minutes), check the heartbeat (less than half a minute) and listen to your lungs (somewhere on ear level). I hope I can help you establish the true cause of the pain, and not add new ones! Relax, do not be afraid.

00:00 – 00:59 – Introduction
01:00 – 03:37 – Gloves sounds & Camera and microphone touching & Hand movements
04:00 – 07:30 – Tablets and Medicines Check (Tapping, Rustling)
07:31 – 14:04 – Heartbeat, Blood pressure, Temperature, Breathing Check
14:40 – 15:45 – Face touching with hands wearing gloves


It’s just a role play for relaxation and treatment of insomnia. Do not attempt to self-medicate and refer to the specialist if you are worried about your health. I do not have to do with medicine and strongly recommend not to take the words of video as a personal and definitive diagnosis. Take care of your health!

Sorry for the defocus at the start of the video, I was fighting with the camera focus as I could. I’ll try to think how to avoid this!


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Thank you for watching this video!

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