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ASMR | Applying Cat’s Eye Gel Nail Polish (silent, no talking)


This video was requested by one of my dear viewers, April. Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a tutorial, and I am not that good at painting nails hahaha. This is an ASMR video used for relaxation. If you’re after a proper tutorial there are literally thousands on YouTube covering cat’s eye nail polish.

Tip: It is highly recommend to use a couple of coats of dark nail polish before the cat’s eye polish, like black or a dark blue. In this video I used a dark purple.

I’ve edited out the bits where I’m curing my nails under the lamp for 90 seconds at a time since nothing much is happening during those times.

If anyone is interested, here is the list of products I used:

– Opallac UV Lamp
– Opallac nail file
– Opallac gel polish Top and Base coats
– Opallac gel polish in the colour ‘Queen of Rock’
– Opallac acetone
All Opallac stuff can be bought at Priceline here in Australia at

– Mitty Cat’s Eye Polish in the colour ‘Magic’
– Mitty Cat’s Eye Magnet
Found on the Mitty website at

Thank you for relaxing with me.

With Purrs,
ASMRKitty x

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