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ASMR | Opening my stash of Woolworths Ooshies and Coles Stikeez


So here in Australia right now one of our major supermarkets has these ‘Ooshie’ toys that you can collect with characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. I have been hoarding these for the purpose of opening them on video.

I also had an old stash of unopened ‘Stikeez’ Series 1, which were released by Coles supermarket in 2019 I believe. I have had these sitting in a drawer for 18 months so it’s about time I opened them.

The Ooshie packaging in particular makes a really nice crinkly sound, for those of you who love that trigger.

Cute. My favourite is probably the Kiwi Fruit Stikeez with it’s big eyes. I’ll keep him on my desk.

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for relaxing with me.

With Purrs,
ASMRKitty x

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